Yeah, sweet – or.. Finally a Flash 6 player for Linux

A lot of things happening with the new Flash 6 player, amongs the good news is that the next version of the Flash 6 player will be available for Linux.

To quote Mike Chambers:

This is a very big release, with quite a few bug fixes, new features (wider WMODE support, custom request headers, etc…) and performance optimizations.

Nice also to see better support for the Mozilla browser. writes:

Windowless mode is now supported on Netscape (Win) and OSX browsers. This primarliy is used for those highly annoying adverts that layer themselves ontop of the page you are viewing, just to make sure that you see the ad. Movies relying on heavy ActionScripting should see a performance increase, the XML and LoadVars objects now support custom HTTP headers, improvements to the shared libraries, strict-mode parsing of ActionScript – confoming more closely to the ECMA-262 standard, Accessibility Properties can now be set at runtime. The Linux player supports the Mozilla 1.1 browser and comes with complete support for Flash 6 features like audio and video capture and streaming audio and video playback. KDE 3.0.3 or GNOME 2.0 desktops are supported.

Its also great to see Macromedia offering up prices to the most active bug testers of this Flash 6 player beta. If you find the most bugs, you can win Xbox, PS2 or Studio MX package!

[Via mesh]

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