So, you want to be read?

This is a very nice writeup by Arve Bersvendsen on how to be read, and how to make a good weblog. What he writes I happen to agree with, but don’t feel like it has to become THE absolute rules on how to make a good weblog:

Virtuelvis: So, you want to be read?

I especially like the part he has titled “Minimize idle talk”:

Yes, a blog is personal, and one is entitled to write whatever one wants there, but writing when you really have nothing to say increases the chance of people missing the interesting entries because they simply disappear in the noise.

It’s better to write something sensible once a week than posting daily about your rat’s droppings.

I just have to try to live up to the good suggestions on how to make my blog better.

A couple of other bloggers are also writing about how to make blogs better:

Sam Ruby: Anatomy of a Well Formed Log Entry

Mark Pilgrim: The Ws of weblogging

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