Rumsfelds deception

Interesting to note that the Bush government, and Rumsfeld in particular is denouncing ever having made Saddam out to be an immanent threat to the USA. has picked up the ball with the distribution of a video clip they describe like this:

Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld got caught blatantly contradicting his past statements, and we have the video clip.

You can watch the video at – Caught on video is calling for censure. Wanting congress to reprimand Bush and his government for misleading the American public.

We must demand, at a minimum, that Congress censure the President. It’s our Representatives’ duty to formally reprimand him for misleading us. And we’ve got to demand it today, while they’re debating their anniversary resolution.

Somehow I doubt that a congress held by the Republicans will be likely to reprimand a Republican President.

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