Valentines thoughts

My life view on love has long been that there are many people in the world that you can love, most of them yo will just never meet. Love itself I held was an intersect of two main qualities, finding a person you get on really well with and also lust after.

You could also have someone you get on well with and lust lots if you preferred, but it was just a statistical matter of meeting enough people so you could find one person meeting htese criteria.

Say you get on well with 50% of the planet, and you get on really well with 20 % of the planet, your attracted to one sex or another ie 50% roughly of the planet, of those your attracted more to some than other so lets say your attracted to 20% of planet and lust after 10%. Then finding a person who you both get on really well with and lust is a small percentage over all, ie about 2% of the planet. This small percentage and the small number of people we actually get to know in life ends up in most people believing there is only one person for them in the world, only one true love.

This has been my long held view. Rational evaluation of love. However, I must question this in light of meeting Jarle. I would say that he is someone I get on well with and that he is someone I lust after, but what we have is more than those two facts that I have become a convert to the one true love theory too. To find another match as good for me as Jarle is I think would be impossible even if I started meeting a person a day and spent the day getting to know them and kept that up a person a day from now till I died, I really cant image finding a better match even if I was granted to live till 500. Fact is I do not think that there is a person alive who would be better for me than he.

I feel very lucky to have found him on this earth. Extraordinarily lucky, in fact.

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