Want to make your own movie?

Flashcan Animator makes it easy to make you own movie out of bits and pieces in Flash, this web-tool was made by the very talented people at Zinc Roe Design, take a few minutes and you can make your own movie, or take a look at the other movies that people have made with this incredibly easy animated-movie-tool

29 thoughts on “Want to make your own movie?”

  1. I want to make a movie because everyone says that I am “nothing”, but I want to prove them wrong, Because I believe in my self and my friends believe in me. That’s all I have to say.

  2. I want to make a movie that is about all the most thing i want is kids to be involed in it so i’m trying to get my sister’s friends and her class in it…

  3. Hello,

    I really want to become a singer or an actress, but I am really good at singing and dancing. I was just wondering where I could like get a contract, so i can become a professional singer. I am only 13, but I sing for my school, and I am going to sing for my church maybe. SO can you please just tell me my answer. Thank you so much.


  4. I really want to make my own animated movie. I’m soon going to start a drama school and I’ve been told that I can sing. After watching Pirates of the Carribean, I’ve really wanted to be an actress along with my friend, Emily, and after watching Spirit Stallion of the cimarron, I’ve really wanted to make an animated movie. I can also draw animals really well. Horses are my fav. subject. Please E-mail me if you can help me in any of these subjects. Thanks! ;)

  5. I am working on a spoof of Children of the Corn, called Children of the Cornbread. We start filming in late March. Does anyone have some tisps for me on casting, lighting or filming?

  6. I wanted to make my own movie so i did and now i have a site full and other people send me there movies and i made it so easy i killed a tede bear and used super FX when i first started they were bumpy and slow now they rock and roll.any one can kill a tede bear and send it to me and ill post it in our contest first prize is $100.00 this site was made up from students who are trying to get in the movie industry.www.tedeadventures.com

  7. Joshua Stewart

    Well actually I want to make my own movie andbe n it becase one day I want to be an actor.

  8. hi i am sheldon and you know what i want to become a movie stare yeah i am just a kid but i might be a good actor look who the kids that are stars aron carter is a pop singer and lizza mygver is a star i wanna become like them

  9. i think that making your own animated movie requires time and patients. you also need money to do this obviously. i have already started making my animated movies and paying alot of money have not got very far. sometimes it doesnt require money if your lucky. good luck to all animaters!!!

  10. Of course i want to be in a movies it’s like a dream come true. But it does cost a lot of bit of you time.

  11. dan da man thgat hates jack johnson who lives at 12 orchard close in rushall walsall birmingham

    hi i ave always wanted to make my own movie on-line 4 free can u tell me some websites please thanks very much 4 ya time see ya


  12. Hello,

    I want to prove something that I have never thought I could do in life.. I am a young man from Haiti and I am 21 years old now living in Traverse City MI.. I really want to have a movie out because all my crews and families back in Haiti really think that I will be good at it and I have the talent to be an actor..

    Please Contact me at anytime..

    You got my email write me.. I bet I will not let you down.. I am already working on one movie right now in HAITI.. I will do the best I can to bring it back to US with me..

    May God Bless you all..

    Best Regards,


  13. I have a screen play for an animater that wants to work with me.im 34 yrs old so I dont Have much time to fool around,time is of the essence in this concept that I have.The story is about as heart warming as it gets and the action is on the money.This could very well be the next lion king animation only theres no lions. thank you for your time CHRIS from BROOKLYN………….

  14. hi my name is yannick i would like to now wich program and were to make flash movies

    cuz i want to make movies but not aready use pictures i want to create from scrach like my own caracters and stories plz reply this…thanks you bye

  15. I want to be a director and make a movie, but I don’t really know how to make my own animational movie. Can you help me?

  16. Iam 12 and i want to be an actress and singer but i dont know how to get a an agent or how to look for them or contact then that is my dream and i want it more than anyone else am i will do every thing to be an actress and singer, but for know iam praying every day.GOD BLESS!

  17. i want to make my own movie please can you help me to get to my distenation please iam dreaming to make a film

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