What to expect from PlayStation 3…

There are hints that the next version of Playstation will be a network connected game platform based on Linux.

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC), an annual trade show for the creative and technological sides of the game industry, Shin’ichi Okamoto, chief technical officer for Sony Computer Entertainment, said research efforts for the PlayStation 3 are focusing on distributed computing, a method for spreading computational tasks across myriad networked computers.

PlayStation 3: The next generation – Tech News – CNET.com

Looking even further ahead, Okamoto said “Maybe the PlayStation 6 or 7 will be based on biotechnology”

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  1. I think that’s a really dumb idea, because people just went out and spend 2-300$ for a playstation 2, some even sacraficed their bodies for a playstation 2 going to wal-mart , toysRus at 2 in the morning just to get a playsation 2, then sony said they’re going to release a PS3. that’s far-fetched, I think what they should have done was make an upgrade-chip for the ps2 instead of making us have to buy a whole new other system. they’ve gotten into themselves too much in my opinion. trying to be the best videogame making company.

  2. I think that it is a great idea. In the future, people will be able to say that they have 6 or 7 different playstation systems rather than just a few upgrades for a playstation 2. It will make more antique systems for future game collectors.

  3. we were asstound by not knowing how much playstation 3s are! we came here and learned that you can upgrade your ps2 with a hard drive.so in otherwards your paying 300 for a ps3

  4. we were asstound by not knowing how much playstation 3s are! we came here and learned that you can upgrade your ps2 with a hard drive.so in otherwards your paying 300 for a ps3

  5. I think that the ps3 will be the revolutionary system. Don’t get me wrong ps2 was great but you could see to many of it’s limitations. In my opinion I think that it would be worth it nomatter what the cost.

  6. As with all technology, game consoles move on. If we want to stay up-to-date then we’ve got to be prepared to shell out the money for the PS3 when it gets released.

    I don’t see anything wrong with spending 200-300 pounds every couple of years when invariably a PC would cost more to upgrade in order for it to run the latest games.

  7. I think the ps3 is a great idea. It is a great advancement from the ps2.Tom was right it did have lots of limitations. I think the ps3 will revolutionise game systems. As for you Gay Guy get a job

  8. I think ps3 is the devil all yall stupid mother fuckers should go throw your fucking selves off a fucking cliff and that is the only comit i have. Oh gay guy if you ever feel naughty come to water valley high school

  9. PS3 is going to be so sweet and will so savagley rock and it is going to completley blow every other system tottaly out of the water. Then Sony will rule the gaming world and strike down any others attempting to match their gaming expertise.

  10. PS3 is going to be a real devil console indead, based on chips from IBM, (Deep Blue) , the 300 proccesser computer that defeated Kasparov at 1997. Also micro RAMs very fast. Also Multiplayer will be introduced, hopefully better then the Xbox’s.

    Yet.. this will take time and according to IBM press releases this chip will be started to be produced at 2004… meaning the console will be released not earlier then 2004-2005..

    So.. keep enjoying your PS2 for another 2-3 yrs.


  11. I think its ridiculous that sony is coming out with a ps3…the ps2 is hardly a few years old!! I agree that sony should just offer upgrades for the ps2…well at least for a few more years…

  12. Nah dude, PS3 is cool in my book.. As Andrew said, I feel that $200-$300 every once in awhile isn’t bad at all.. I mean, every year its something new in technology. You guys are cheap idiots.

  13. You guys keep saying “ps2 just came out…” it’s been out for about 2 years (give or take a few months)….and by the time playstation 3 is ready to be sold in the states…or anywhere for that matter it will be ATLEAST 4 years old more likely to be about 5 years…

  14. I heard somewere, that there is also going to be a Gamecube 2, X-box 2 and GameBoy Advance 2. The Gc 2 and X-Box 2(as well as the PlayStation 3), are all supposed to hit the shelves in 2005.

    Although I’m not much of a Sony or Microsoft fan(game wise atleast), I am sure to have a job by the time these new systems come out, so I will get them all.

    Sincerely: Glowis

  15. I have to agree, Playstation 3 will revolutionise console systems. So i am with Sony 100% percent on releasing it. But i also want them to focus on gaming. Imagine the graphics. I have no problem in spending 200

  16. Hey homeys…you guys in grade school yet? If you’re not I feel bad for you; I mean come on where did you learn to spell revolutionize? Speaking of revolutionization, you guys are right about that. I agree that PS3 will revolutionize the gaming industry but, didn’t the atari revolutionize board games, then nintendo revolutionize that and so on and so on. I do think though, that there will always be room for improvement and once you get over the ooohs and ahhhs of PS3 just as you did with PS2 you’ll find room for improvement. The only time it will end is when we get to the point where there is a very fine line between, or no line for that matter between reality any cyber reality. Hello matix!! That’s when the real fun will begin.



  17. Revolutionise is the accepted British English spelling, revolutionize is the accepted American English spelling.

    The word ‘revolution’ is derived from old French, which in turn derived it from Latin. The Franco/Latin root gave us disguise, enterprise, surprise, televise etc. Emphasize, apologize, mesmerize, symbolize etc have a Greek root. Since ‘revolution’ is of Franco-Latin origin, the British spelling ‘revolutionise’ is technically the correct one.

    That said, most people don’t know enough Greek or Latin to care about these things, plus English is largely defined by local usage, plus the American spelling is phonetically more accurate. So you’re forgiven, but in future I advise you to check the facts before presuming poor education in others.

    Particularly if you intend to depreciate your own argument by inventing words like ‘revolutionization’ in the same breath.

    That concludes education hour. You got off lightly, believe it or not. Now, bring on the PS3…

  18. I think Sony and Microsoft should wait till a year like 2007 and built their consoles up from scratch like nintendo.Sony and Microsoft is rushing their consoles off because it is’t about gaming any more to them,it’s about who strikes first and who makes the most money.If they do not watch out they’ll lose alot of money of they sell rip offs

  19. How do any of you know when the ps3 is coming out?None of you guys know when it is going to be released? These release dates are all rumors.Only sony knows when he will release the ps3. If you get your information anywhere besides a playstation magazine it is a rumor.

  20. I’m itching to see what the graphics on the PS3 will look like and what types of games will be released on it. I really do feel that it will revolutionize the gaming industry. But, waht about the PS6 and PS7, what the hell does biotechnology have to do with it!? How will it be intergrated? I’ve searched the web numerous times to try and find out what biotechnology is and I’m pretty educated on it now. But, how could a PlayStation utilize it? Maybe some of you can give me your thoughts.

  21. In my opinion, the playstation 3 needs to to focus on gaming only. Just imagine a game like grand theft auto 3,being able to walk into any building,interact with every character or pedestrian,better life-like graphics and the ability to control the out come. there would be no limitations. that super computer “cell” sony is developing should be geared toward gaming only.

    If i wanted all the bells and whistles such as e-mail,internet,recording digital videos and controling all household electronics i would by a P.C.

  22. ps3 should be good coz i dun have enuff money for a ps2 so i’ll just wait for a ps3, that’ll make me damn happy.

    rock on australia!

    peace yall, war sux

  23. Hello, gamers. From a gamer. Do you know who’s really going to win the war of games? It’s going to be the one that creates a console with an updatable motherboard that can play the old as well as the new games on the market. It looks to me like Sony Playstation is on the tract to that now, but they better watch out. The X-Box is hot on their trail. Whichever one develops the plug-in modules for updates will lead the pack, and this may be coming sooner than either of these two think. This console may be engineered in a garage with a whole new name and capable of playing any games, so look out big boys!

  24. I think releasing on PS3 is great, but people just bought PS2! By the time you get a game console, their selling an updated version! I -was- going to get a PS2, but now that I know they’ll have a PS3, I have to wait longer -.-;;

  25. Name Not Here

    I also agree that it should only for gaming. So the price is not too high for a function we already have. Also so they can put more features to the gaming and get it even closer to real-life graphics. Either that or they more different types of systems, but that would be too much time for us gamers. These all are the improvements that it sounds like it needs. But I wonder what it will look like? And also how the controllers will look??? In this way I think and hope it will look different. Other than that, it all sound VERY GOOD!!!

  26. Name Not Here Again

    “Brian” also had another perspective of this that is also a good idea. His idea also could bring up Sony as a video game company. And thats a good for lower prices. Good Idea, Brian.

    (His perspective is at the top of this page)

  27. Name Not Here Again

    “Brian” also had another perspective of this that is also a good idea. His idea also could bring up Sony as a video game company. And thats also good for lower prices. Good Idea, Brian.

    (His perspective is at the top of this page)

  28. i think ps3 is kick ass im going to buy it as soon as it comes out because i trust sony more than anything and im sure their not going to throw shit out on the market

  29. yeah its a mad idea so hurry up and do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And also how much is it gonna be !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. playstation 3?????????????

    what’s next….nice colors,new spot lights,


    sony looks like microsoft windows…..!!!!!!!

    that’s bullshit .

    next years you have to be paid monthly for playing playstation games

  31. i think they may want to relase further down the road, like 3 or 4 years because it took a lot longer for playstion to become playstation 2. Give people time to enjoy there ps2, it hasnt been out for too long.

  32. Maybe the PS3 will lick my balls. Then I won’t ever need to leave the comfort of my own home. Wouldn’t that be great

  33. You know insead of wasting all this money on video game systems,($400mil.) why don’t we use it to kill Saddam.

  34. Lets call it the BS3(bull shit). I sold my soul to target to get the PS2. Now I am forced to give up my first born son to aquire the PS3

  35. the playstation 3 ?

    well hopfully itll knock off the ass of the xbox and xbox2 or so called >xbox next< microsoft has named their console instead of xbox2.

    i just hope the playstation 3 will play all the playstation/playstation2 games.

    that’ll be so cool. i baught the ps2 cuz of it can play dvd,ps,ps2,& cd. and it looks cool. the dvd mode does not have zoom. ps3 should have zoom. the xbox has zoom 16x (in) 10x(out)

    i hope the ps3 will have all these features.

    and have usb 2.0

    i heard it’ll have web tv built in. that would be awsome!

    and a bigger processor bigger than 733mhz (xbox has)


  36. I couldn’t agree with brian more about the part where he mentioned how sony are trying to make themselves the best video gaming company in the world.

    at one bit playststion 2 was top shit until microsoft decided to bring out xbox and nintendo brang out game cube. these companies are just going to keep bringing out new consoles wheter you like it or not.

    with one and other because they all want to be the best. as soon as you buy a play station 3 xbox and game cube will bring out something because they cant handel the fact that they are not the best and they will keep fighting until we reach the limits of electronic gaming.

    Me personally is looking forward to when the playstation 3 comes out because i am a huge playstation fan myself but it is also a pain in the ass if you are just a 13 year old kid like me which takes along time to save up for and by the time I get the money to buy a playstation 2 what do I hear on the radio 1 month later, playstation 3 is comming out.

    but after i year of saving up I was pretty pissed of but then i thought it’s the computer age what do you expect. as soon as they market one product they already start on another.

  37. Making the PS3 would be a great idea, BUT I don,t want to pay like 1000$ for it.

    We have question to ask ourselves: When would it be release? How much would it cost? Is it better to buy a PS2 now or wait for the PS3?

  38. man !i just got my ps2 i wile ago i think yall need to wate awile for the ps3 because some people just got theres i think its gay oh and kingdom hearts 2 should be on ps2

  39. I think PS3 is a great idea. Game devolopers keep coming out with great game systems like the X-Box and PS2. I think PS3 is going to blow all the other game systems away. Everybody is coming up with fake and stupid pictures of it though. There are no folding legs or anything like that. If you look in PS2 Magazine it shows the real picture of the PS3. They are going back to the grey color with a colored stripe through the middle. So, I think PS3 is a great idea.

  40. The playstation 3’s gonna blow all that other crap away.I heard that the graphics will be similar to that final fantasy movie if not better.Xbox SUX and Gamecubes okay.Also theres some really old comments in here.I also heard that theres not gonna be no damn gamecube2 its gonna be another hand-held thingy.Have you guys ever seen any halo 2 screenshots?Those graphics are awesome but I dont like Xbox so it doesnt matter.ANOTHER thing why doesnt the gamecube have any online capabilities?Did the makers sacrifice them for the gba uplink thingy?PS2 RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. i bought my ps2 bout 2 years ago and i love it and i hear of PS3 ive got a fricken student load and i gota pay it bak unless i kan getaway with it i want a PS3 but i kant afford $1000 frinkin NZ dollars like i payed 4 my PS2 and ps3 will be more i hand to pay it off ova to years in all i payed 1500$ 4 my ps2 (suked in i no intrest SUX) in nz we dont even have the ethernet adapter or they key board dam NZ’s shit $ value im gonna have to pay 2000$ or more i bet im gona get outa this shit hole one day

  42. Ok guys heres the scoop on the PS3 it will have the following features:

    -Hard Drive larger than 10GB

    -CD3(New quad layer cd format with 125GB of space and able to run at incredible reading speeds for its capacity) Technology

    -DVD, CD, VCD, PSOne, PS2 Support

    -MultiCore Processor (CELL) running at estimate between 10gHz-100gHz

    -2 GBs of Rambus’ new 2075 RAM Running at 2.075gHz

    -Onboard 512mB Graphics Chip (Built into the CELL processor, which means it runs as fast as the processor does)

    -Bulit in 1000mb/s (CAT5 gigabit) adapter with 10/100 support

    Thats the whole bit plus more…

    -Sony will be also releasing a add on for 802.11g/b support

    -Your memory cards will be 10Gb+

    Final Note:

    Due to the large capacity able to put on one disc and the incredible processing speed the games will be life resembling. You wont know which is real anymore the game or the real world, belive me guys it pull some of those bullshit comments right out of your ass.

  43. dude with a bad temper

    jeff byrd i think you should take what you said and shove it.ps3 is gonna be the best game console ever

  44. dude with a bad temper

    jeff byrd i think you should take what you said and shove it.ps3 is gonna be the best game console ever

  45. michael william atkinson

    can the ps3 play ps2 discs on it

    how much money is the ps3 going to be

    if you can,can you email me a picture of the ps3

  46. First of all on that link that said microsoft is right behind PS3’s tail is total bullshit, my dad works for SONY and he always tells me what is happening with the PS3. When he works, he meets with his co-workers and talk about product designs and they talk about what other componays are doing like microsoft, they haven’t even designed x-box2 , those are just rumers, microsoft is going too make any next generation console because they loose so much money on the x-box. My dad told me that the new PS3 design will have a built in 10/100 ethernet port, cell(GRID),and it will have more power than all Pentium 4’s with less than 2075 mhz. Sony is thinking on a design based on 4 colors jet black, platinum silver, platinum blue, platinum red, you can also upgrade to a see-through body case,it’s going to have expansion bays on the back to hook up 3-D LCD glasses that will range in at around 100-150 dollars, they are also working on bosy pads that vibrate when you get hurt in the game.The only problem is that my dad said that they haven’t started making the platforms of the games yet. He also said that it is not going to come out for at least 1-2 years because they want to see what microsoft is doing with thier girly x-box. The PS2 is doing so good in the market that it forces the release date of the PS3 to exceed even if they weren’t watching microsoft.I think this is a good idea becuse there are still people that don’t have a PS2 yet because they don’t have enough money for it. The PS3 will range at $800-1000, they are still looking at the price structure. You will not be able to buy as many games as you can with PS2 because they are not going to be 10-60 including Socom: U.S. Navy Seals($60$) best game ever by the way, the game are expected to be $70-$100

    during the first cupple of months. I would’t mind if PS3 came out this year.

  47. hey dude who has a dad that works for sony ur a fat ass lier because my dad works for sony and he lives in japan.the only time i see him are on holydays (which by the way are not amrican holidays so that sucks) so anyway the PS3 will not coast 800-1000 dollers because what kind of retard would waste their money on that.I just called my dad a couple weeks ago and he said it will cost about 450-600 dollers

  48. Okay, lets get 1 thing straight, the PS3 will probably rock. You people who makin smart comments about the PS3 can go fuck off somewhere. Just think…who’s makin the money, your smart-ass comments or them makin that PS3. Another thing Nintendo will probably rock with another system.(with a weird but cool name.) From what I heard Sony (cool company name.) will make a handheld game called the PlayStation 0 that plays MP3’s and can somehow insert this “PlayStation 0” into the side of PS3 and load/save MP3’s on the PS3. My older half-brother’s dad used to work for Sony and before he left he KNEW about the PS2. Another cool lookin design for the PS3 is the one inside a gaming book called GMR.(I think you can also vote if you want Sony to make that design) It’s cool. The book has the preview on the cover of the game Xenosaga Episode 1. Well for all you people who support Sony keep doin it. Those who don’t FUCK YOU!

  49. I think ps3 may be a great idea. but no one is talking about the pad. because the button are small compare to X-box. i think if ps3 can load faster than any other game is going to be the bam. I think that ps3 will be great if it has better graphic or better steering added to it.

    but i think it might be expensive. if it works by recharging. we are looking at the future.

  50. i think sony should put out ps3 and whoever disagrees should should shove what they think up their lame asses.i will definately buy a ps3,but just as long as it’s better than the next xbox and gamecube.

  51. just call me daddy

    By the time they come out with playstation 3 they will be on the way to making playstation 4. As long as it keeps getting better gamers will keep buying. I think their all about the money,4 instence the portable screen 4 x-box playstation 2 and game cube you have to buy seperate. They will make a screen 4 playstation 3 too,i really think it should have came with them.If they change they controler 4 the new playstation i will not buy it. Playstation has the best controlers.

  52. Microsoft is not behind Sony’s tail in any way possible. They have lost already because their Cardboard X-Box didnt sell as planned. Im surprised that the X-Box fans havent gotten an error on the damn machine yet. Since the Windows OS line sucks, I didnt expect X-Box to be too good or favored among people. The PS3 will tear down the competition because it is the first gaming system EVER to use grid computing. This means with a connection to the internet, the system could have about 15 teraflops in minutes, just through the PS3 systems alone. If the technology is adapted to use home computers, then your simple PS3 could theoretically gain an instant 30 teraflops, which is much more powerful than the most powerful supercomputer known. Mcriosft and Nintendo cant even copy the Grid Computing implementation without being sued for billions due to copying the patent on Cell.

    And even more, Sony might want to create a GScube two. This would be like 16 PS3 counsles wired up tougether. Imagine the power! The PS3 by itself is supposed to have better graphics than the Final Fantasy movie, so 16 of them would be unbeatable!

  53. i think this is a very good idea .but i dont think it should come out until about 2 or 3 years from now. i think we should enjoy playstation 2 until it gets boring.then come out with ps3.

  54. The ps3 will be intergrated with new biotechnology that enhances graphics, less loading time, new player friendly controls, and bi adapter able to play multi player video games on more than one television. These features will enhance our playing experience and beat out the competition. The actual expected release date is the end of 2006. The price is expected to be $85 more then the release price of the ps2. There is also one extra feature (I’m not allowed to you what) included in the ps3 that will forever change the experience of gaming.

  55. The PS3 is gunna be silver and big with big PS3 sign on it. It plays XBOX/Gamecube/PS1/PS2 games.

  56. PS3 will be a terrible waste of money. It will basically make minimal steps forward in technology so that sony can focus on hitting revenue every quater and sell it like crazy under the sony name. Sony will probably make to console perform something minimal like ex:PS2 = DVD player just to make sells. Sony is a very smart company and will capitilize on whatever is “hot”. Not that that’s a bad thing, for the company at least, but gamers are left with empty promises as far as revolutionizing gaming and stuck for the next five years with nothing. I own a PS2 truthfully and this is my personal observation from first hand experience. If sony wants feedback tell them to stop screwing the customer and focus on selling an item that will perform to the hype.

  57. i think the ps3 will be the bom but i think it should be so so so tight because the ps2 is tight but the graphics are not like it should be i say when ps3 and ps4 and so on comes out if you love it you wont it get it im a sony fand when it comes out with anything im behind it a 110% sony rocks and so will the ps3. so buy it

  58. So will ps3 have its own kind of game or do it have a little more future but can only play games from previous version.

  59. i think the ps3 is gonna be the best system to ever come out……..at least until the ps4

  60. i think that coming out with a ps3 is a bad idea…people are just now spending about 200 dollars for a playstation 2 or xbox…not only are they paying for the system…but also for the games…once you are done buying the system and games…you have spent about over 600 dollars…people arent going to want to invest all that money and then throw it all away by buying a whole new console…and once you do buy the ps3, you will probobly never even play the old system…so it is like throwing away 600 or plus dollars

  61. When will we see a screen shot of a game?

    Or has everone forgot it still has to play games as well as all other crap.

    I will only buy it if the games are fun I dont care all that much for graphics and hype.

    Because remember its there to play games (I think even Sony has forgot that)

  62. so much time ago i am searching email of sony industry bu i didentt find i wass searching because i want to ask when ps3 is realesing


  64. This is More like a Question What will PS3 look like and how soon can wee expect it on the markey

  65. Playstation 3 is going to be the bomb. i hope it comes in different colors like green,orange,blue,purple,silver and yellow.i really want playstation 3.so far the game systems ive had are plastation,playstation 2,xbox,dreamcastand nintendo.i bet everyone that reads this that youll be able to play playstation and playstation 2 games on it.for right now pease out home dogs

  66. sony is coming out with another system to it’s called the playstation portable. it’s a direct competetor to the gba and I heard rumers that it’s as powerful as the ps2.

  67. coolio shming ramo

    I cant wait, personally.all my friends brag about x-box, well they wont anymore.I also think that there still is time untill it comes out.”IF YOU DONT LIKE THE PREVEIWS THAT COME OUT,WAIT!BUY IT IF PEOPLE LIKE IT.”Trust me.I truly just want to see the model before i get all siked about it.Ive gone sony game wise all my life and thats not gonna stop now, nomadder how bad or expensive it is.

  68. Wow, half of you are fucking retards.

    The Playstation 3 is coming out in 2004.

    It will be a million times faster than the PS2…

    Blah blah freakin blah.

    You know jack shit–and you spurt off like it’s funny or intelligent.

    PS3 may be good, but Nintendo and Microsoft will probably make better machines–but the Sony hype will sell an assload of consoles. Yay!

  69. i think this is just another generation of the gaming console fenomenon.this “hype” has hapened before & will again i think ps2 wll still be 128 bit based & i think it will be a beefed-up version of ps2

    Also note Xbox is so powerful !!ONLY!! becose it has more cache memory & a faster operating frequency…

    so ps3 = more cache & faster Mhz… that is what i think

    another thing: ps with linux kit can already do distributed computing so does any PC in a network

    (the application is what it needs)

    also forget that 1Gbps ethernet port… (useless & cost too much)

    also note when ps3 will come out programers will barely be using all the power in ps2’s CPU

    just as any console …

    dont have a ps2 yet f**k & they get the ps3 out ?

    :( <– not happy about it. but yes ps3 will be faster….

    note : notice ps2/xbox battle vs pentium/amd battle … looks the same :P

  70. your all nuts, although I have high faith in sony, I still would prefer and xbox. for one reason, for now atleast, it is the most powerfull system out there, and , for those who don`t own one, just so you know, the xbox has over 50 000 blocks of memory built into the hardrive. If the ps3 does turn out to be more powerfull then the xbox, I PERSONALLY, would wait until the Xbox 2 cmes out,then find out which one is better in graphics, power, speed, and other parts, then buy the better one, which ever it may be, and as for game cube, Ithink they have a long way to go if they want to catch up to sony and microsoft. ofcousre when chosing, don`t just go for the better one,but also look for the one that has the wider range of games, and which one`s games are more directed towards the type that you would want to play.

  71. hey MIKE HOW THE HELL DOES YOUR DAD KNOW THIOS SHIT,EH? the way he talkes about the ps3, yud think he workes at the f***ing factory, and just so you know, microsoft did not loose money on the Xbox, it was one of the most sucessfull gaming consoles of 2002 and 2003. before you post again here, I suggest you get your info from a reliable source, and not from your dad, who {no ofense} probably dont know shit about the ps3 or xbox 2, Imean, what is he, some sort of crackpot, he probably just said that the ps3 would have this and that, so you would think he is really smart, but if he tinks he knowswhat something is going to be like before the press do,{and believe me, the news always find out first} then either he is some sort of secret agent with the fbi or CSIS,or he is just being a smartass, sorry if it hurts but, it is the truth.

  72. do you really think that the ps3 will be able to play Xbox and gamecube the your fucking out of you mind, first, game cube uses proprierty disks, so no other system can play them except another game cube,and for xbox,the disks have a special program on the disk, sort of like a feedback loop, if you try to use it on another system. then the system will getscrewed up and believe me, i`VE TRIED IT, ON MY PS2, and your ps2 will not work for about an hour, while you have to leave it on so the system can clean itself up, because it considers the program on the xbox disk as a virus, it will work againg ,bot dont try it for yourselves, and even if gamecube and xbox didn`t have these saftey features {saftey because they have these proprierty,so you cant make illegal copies and sell them for personal profit} it still would not work, this is because, Nintendo, Microsoft, AND Sony, when programing the game onto the disk,all use completly different formats for wrighting the game on disk. the three systems could not read other consoles disks even if they wanted to, so, the idea that Xbox,and Gamecube, would become obsolete because of ps3 playing xbox, gamecube games, is, really when you think about it, is stupid

  73. hey mathew, noone cares about latin or the proper spelling of a word. {revolutionise/revolutionize} who cares, as long as the same thought is conveyed, God , people would think your a fucking english teacher of grade 11 or something

  74. when i got my ps2 i was disappointed,i herd alot of hype about it. it was ilike a ps1 but with little extras im not going to buy a ps3! all im going to expect is xbox copycat with new ps3 games you can’t play on a ps2

  75. I think PS3 will be amazing. Yeah Ps2 has the hardrive coming out for it. (40KB) But PS3 will be simply amazing. And Microsofts XBox wont stand a chance. I personally think Microsoft needs to go back to doing what they do best. Making that shity Microsoft Windows. The reason for my grudge on XBox is becuase they act like their top-notch, all this “theirs no power greater than X BS.” All XBOX had to do was copy what Sony did to the PS2. I have no respect for followers like i do leaders. Sony took that step into the unknown and brought us the first next generation console.Sony doesnt brag and all that shit because they dont need to. Plus sony owns almost everything you use such as movies, “they’re made by Sony motion pictures.” (read the fine print after a preview for a movie on a tv commercial if you think im lying.) They also have music studios and publish most of you music CD’s. They make Notebooks such as the sony Vaio and they made the best system of its time, the PS1. PS2 can play both PS1 games and PS2 games so PS2 owners we have a shit load of games to choose from. Another thing is that on xbox u have to pay to subscribe to xbox live, and you also have to use Net zero. Net Zero! OMG why dont you just give us the must shitiest isp you can. plus you have to pay your isp. With Sony you dont u just pay the isp and thats it. They dont F with you like Microsoft does. Bottom line with a period and no further discution required PlayStation 1,2, and 3 have, are, and always will be the greatest systems of all time, And no I don’t like XBox.

  76. ………………………../yy/










  77. look guys i keep reading “aw the ps2 has only been out for a few years… awwwww. thay should offer upgrades awwwww”

    A) how long was the ps1 out

    B)the PS2 will have been the longest if theyre production specs are true

    C) NO UPGRADES? wtf dudes whats the NA for whats the HDD for? the multitap? eyetoy? headset? you guys are ignorant and dont look for specs you have no sympathy from me.

  78. I was reading the comments and i saw one said that there should be an upgrade chip which is a good idea,beacause people have just bought a ps2 and i think they should think about the ps3 and it is a bit farfetched for now but they should tell people about it in south afrca. I’m sure it will be amazing and awesome and the games will rock. South Africa Cape Town 0832753423. cheers

  79. I thiink that They should gone and drop it so that we can play it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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