Battle Beyond the Banner writes about Online Ads Become Active and Intrusive.

They have all failed, banner ads, skyscrapers, pop-up ads, etc. We all ignore them, and almost nobody click on them anymore. Click through rates used to be at 5-6% in the early days of the web, but now the average click through rate is two-tenths of a percent.

The next move is commercials you won’t be able to ignore, full page ads that separate you from the content you want to see. For Flash developers, there should be a lot more work coming up making light-weight multimedia commercials for the web.

Full page ads will probably annoy the users, but I belive they are the only way to get the average web-users attention these days. And I would survive having to deal with them, as long as I am given the option to pay a reasonable fee to view a site without commercials.

What do you think?

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