Flazoom: Come on… upgrade!

Chris MacGregor has called out to Come on… upgrade!

Amongst other, he writes:

With the advanced features of Flash MX, including the long-awaited standard UI components, we in the Flash community need to promote the Flash 6 plug-in on our sites. From a usability perspective alone, having standard interactions that work the same across different Flash sites (like scroll-bars) is a tremendous boost to the user-experience that Flash offers

Having the Flash 6 player accepted as soon as possible will most certainly be beneficial to everyone producing Flash content, in many aspects including improved usability. But we are again in a situation where using the newest Flash player from Macromedia is a double edged sword, do we really want people to upgrade to a player we all know has several serious bugs?

I am still waiting for the announcement from Macromedia regarding the fixes for the Flash 6 player

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