Camera trouble and the magic camera


My camera is acting up. I first thought it was a spot on the lense, but I am starting to belive it is something else, maybe a grain inside the lense.

The strange thing is that it only shows up on blue sky backgrounds, but are as good as invisible on white (as far as I can see from the picures I have taken so far). Was trying to clean the lense last evening, while taking a panorama shot of the view from my hotel room, but couldn’t fix it, no matter how much I cleaned the lense.

Oh, if anyone have a good tip on good photo-stitching panorama software, let me know. Tried out a program this morning, but it sucked big time.

At least my camera isn’t as bad (in this case, I would be tempted to say unfortunatly) as the magic camera, take a look at what you can achive with a little water and blow drying of a Nikon Coolpix 990: Waterlogged Camera Turns Magic

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  1. I tried PanaVue Imageassambler, but don’t like it at all. Please let me know what others I should be checking out :-)

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