FlashForward recap

Home again after the FlashForward 2002 conference in San Francisco. Still amazed that they actually managed to put on a conference without any internet connectivity. I was hoping they were up-to-date and with the times, and Wi-Fi wired, but they didn’t even get up a regular internet center/cafe at the conference! They had a lot of new iMac’s there, but I am guessing they were trying to save money and ended up with a contractor that couldn’t make the system work in the time they had. Bad move, IMHO.

The conference was fairly good, lots of good networking and always nice to see my conference friends again. The last FF conference I attended had three tracks (three different speakers at the same time) and a workshop, but this one was just one track and over two days without any workshops. Doing a conference about a specific technology with only one track puts extra importance on the quality of the speakers. Fortunalty most of the conference had good sessions, but there was more than one session that most could have just as well done without. One was Hillman Curtis, a knowledgeable man for sure, but using an hour talking about how “content is king” wasn’t really what I or others

were hoping for or needed.

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