More fun internet access

This is probably the least cool way to access the internet I have come across so far. Sitting in LAX on the way to the airplane (going to be interesting to see how tight the security check is here, its rumored to be bad). Using Neptune terminal, and this is bad…


That was what I had the time to type in the 12 minutes I got for 3 US dollars at the LAX airport. The equiptment at the Internet kiosks there was pretty bad, but better than no interent connectivity at all (which is what I got at Heathrow, if anyone knows about ways to get connected at Heathrow, let me know :-) Didn’t get to check if I could get the mobile phone working against the provider at Heathrow, but I know from before that I can get internet through my mobile in London, so it might have worked with enough tweaking.

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