Secret of how Google works revealed

In an unexpected move, Google today released detailed information on how their technology for ranking web pages work.

Google Technology


  1. please let me know the serching alforithm, how fast google is using this?

  2. We have an assignment about search engines… and we have to have information on how works… could you please send us some information?

  3. LOL. Did you check out the above information? It gives good insight into how Google works ;-)

    BTW: If you are really serious about wanting to know how Google works, there are resources on the web that will let you get some information. Search Engine Watch is one of the resources I would recommend – If you want me to do the work, contact me to make arrangements for fees/money etc.

  4. i am making an intelligent search engine using graph theory .if anyone can help me in anyway it would be nice.

  5. Is that technology of using the pegion for ranking the web site is true how far is that true i could not even think of it coz how can those pegions can identify the websites..

  6. Nidhi you are the stupidest person. why would you even attempt to make sense out of the pigeon story. You can be honest… Are you in the TSBLC?

    “Thirty Seconds Behind Life Club”

  7. We have an assignment on search engines and i typed this phrase of how google works and i was lead to a page which was very scientific and technical from its look but it is the dumbest page i have ever seen…. why , they could have just given me “no matches found”

  8. Well, “no matches found” would have been untrue. Remember, Google is a search engine, not a human beeing. Its job is to find sources that are likely to have the information you are looking for.

    I recommend you read Search Engine Watch to get more information about Google, you can also take a look at the page, but as you can see – there is not much information about Google technology to be found at Google.

  9. I am Interested to know how google works?

    and also how to earn money online?

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