I think I can understand John’s frustrations with being overwhelmed with people searching for MX cracks. Just mentioning his crusade has gotten me a lot of visitors..

Here is the statistics for the last week for searches from

1. dreamweaver mx crack – 214 searches

2. fireworks mx crack – 55 searches

3. how google works – 31 searches

4. “dreamweaver mx” crack – 14 searches

5. “fireworks mx” crack – 14 searches

6. crack dreamweaver mx – 13 searches

7. dreamweaver mx cracks – 11 searches

8. crack fireworks mx – 9 searches

9. macromedia dreamweaver mx crack – 9 searches

10. dreamweaver mx+crack – 7 searches

Sad that there were no other searches in the top 10 last week, just searches for cracks..

[edit] As Ben just pointed out.. The 3rd highest search is actually about “how google works”. Only goes to show I still need to learn to read.. :-) That brings the total to 9 out of 10 being about MX cracks..

2 thoughts on “Cracks?”

  1. “how google works” doesn’t look like a search for a crack. it looks more like people learning about googlebombing…

  2. Jarle,

    I think things are finally getting back to normal. This morning “Habbo Cheats” overtook “Flash MX Cracks” as the number one search refferal to

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