Flash Enabled released

Phillip Torrone has been hyping the release of the book “Flash Enabled” for a good while now on his site, flashenabled.com. Its a book covering Flash design and development for devices. A field that is bound to grow in the time ahead. Especially with Flash now being able to be the frontend of web services.

The book is written by a group of well known Flash community participants. Christian Cantrell, Mike Chambers, Branden Hall, Andreas Heim, Craig Kroeger, Steve Leone, Markus Niedermeier, Bill Perry, Fred Sharples, Glenn Thomas and Phillip Torrone.

A little disapointing that there is no web site and no sample chapters out on its release date. But according to http://www.flashenabled.com/ there will be. So along with waiting for the book to appear in my mailbox, I am also waiting for the web site :-)

[Update: Mike Chambers says the web site for the book should be up by monday – but might be up as early as this afternoon. I am sure I have something to look forward to :-)]

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  1. Ahh, sorry. Thats what I get from reading the cover of the book, instead of checking the info on Amazon :-)

    Looking forward to seeing the site up and running!

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