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David Doull’s Urbanev: Thinking in Flash is an interesting site, found it because he has started linking to me (thanks David).

David is a brilliant Flash developer, responsible for such great projects as the award winning – as well as great example of a very useful use of Flash in an application – smallblueprinter

I like Davids writing style, I think he would do good with a weblog – it wouldn’t have to be just two words and a link or two you know David :-) For now he is using his site to write longer articles, with a little more meat than the regular weblogs. His latest article is about “Compontents and Conformity“, its a good read!

I Hope to see more writing from David in the future.

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  1. thanks for the link Jarle, Im not quite ready to do a blog, but hope to add new articles to my site reasonably regularly

    btw: I check your site daily – keep up the great work.

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