Flazoom celebrates 2 years of duty for the Flash community

I hope Chris will be celebrating with some sparklies today, even if its only some sparkly water.

Flazoom is Chris MacGregors baby in many ways. And over two years it has accumulated a lot of knowledge about Flash and Usability. Chris was in many ways ahead of his time when he launched Flazoom as a weblog 2 years ago. He and the other co-editors of Flazoom has really been busy the last two years. 1400 reviews and news items translates to approximately 4 postings every single day, and most of the content – if not all, has been of very high quality.

Cheers Chris, and congratulation with 2 great years!

2 thoughts on “Flazoom celebrates 2 years of duty for the Flash community”

  1. Thanks for your comments Jarle.

    I wish I was celebrating. I’ve been laid up with a head cold for the past 48 hours. The only sparklies I’ve seen are the spots in my vision after a sneezing fit.


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