Follow up: Gonzo marketing related to the Flash community

Wanted to point out a discussion about the “Gonzo marketing related to the Flash community” that has been going on: Gonzo marketing related to the Flash community : comments

Chris – Flazoom:

I hope that Macromedia is learning. I hope that their new blogs will clue them into the demand put on community site owners. Assistance through sponsorships, banner ads or anything else that would help a community site owner would be fantastic to see

Mike Chambers:

We do advertise on community sites (were-here recently had a flash mx countdown ad running), but as jarle noted, online advertising doesn’t seem to work for either side.

Aside from outright funding the sites (which is not an option), how can we work to address the concerns your hinted at in your posts?

In general I think we are all looking for a good solution where all parties will gain from the deal. Personally I think that part of the equation is in effect already. People are using their own money and free time to help Macromedia push their products and strengthen the community, Macromedia need to find a way were they can help nurture the community sites with more than just information. At least if they want the community sites to survive.

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section of the original post.

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