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This is the coolest intergraton of an RSS parser in Flash MX I have seen so far. Phil Chung work as Multimedia Instructor at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He made the RSS reader for his own use, but promise that he probably will make the source for the reader available in the near future.

The scrollbars use the FScrollPane component, not the browser scrollbars, so instead of having the Flash movie appear in a small “box”, Phil is letting it take up the entire browser area. It works really well, IMHO.

He has also made a reader for the Macromedia XML feed that really shows the power of Flash MX in showing information feeds. You can filter the feed on type and category.

It would be really cool to see a RSS 1.0 reader with support for filtering the information in the same way that it is filtered in Phil’s Macromedia XML News Feed reader.

2 thoughts on “Great Flash RSS reader”

  1. How does he use the Fscrollpane? How is it possible to stretch the entire movie over two screens (with different resolutions) without stretching the main content, the feeds? How did he make this? It puzzles me…

  2. Phil has talked about making details and source available eventually. Just keep tuned, I’ll let you know when and if something happens :-)

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