Jeremy Allaire and Dave Winer in weblog discussion about Macromedia MX

Interesting turn of events.

Dave Winer of wrote a rant about Macromedia and BigCo’s where Dave wrote about Allaire (the company) and Macromedia:

Both companies have BigCo’s on the brain

he also writes

When we’ve tried to work with either Macromedia or Allaire they tell us about their plans to work with the Bigs. They say it nicely, but it’s so frustrating. This bugs me bigtime.

The rebuttal from Jeremy came today, with a guest posting on Mike Chambers weblog.

I was bummed to read Dave Winer’s comments about Macromedia’s position

vis a vis “BigCo’s”.

Jeremy goes into some detail about Macromedia’s philosophy in their choice of technology and platform, trying their best to make their products platform agnostic.

Dave rebuts today and says

My opinion, after reading his piece, he still doesn’t get it. Here’s the acid test. Does his MX stuff work with my software? I’m glad it works with Axis, but where I live web services does not equate to .NET, emphatically.

Personally I think interoperability is the most important in this whole picture, and that is what Dave is trying to say. It doesn’t matter what scripting languages Macromedia support, or what technologies – as long as they make sure to make it possible for other systems to inter-op with theirs.

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