Macromedia Flash 5 player for Pocket PC 2002 released

Today Microsoft made the Flash 5 player for Pocket PC available for download. With Flash 5 support for mp3 sound, advanced scripting, and XML is added to the Pocket PC 2002 platform, making it easier to deploy advanced applications on mobile devices running Pocket PC.

While its nice that we have finally gotten access to a Flash 5 player for the Pocket PC 2002 platform, its kind of sad that it would take so long for the player to be ported to this fast expanding platform. I hope Macromedia will be able to make available the Flash MX player for Pocket PC faster than the Flash 5 player was made available.


[Update: The download from Microsoft makes it look like the update is only for Pocket PC 2002, but I have sucsessfully installed and gotten the Flash 5 player to work on my iPaq 3660 running Pocket PC – Please disregard my earlier comments about the player. BTW: Still seems impossible to get the Pocket PC 2002 upgrade anywhere in Europe]

4 thoughts on “Macromedia Flash 5 player for Pocket PC 2002 released”

  1. it -should- work on your device. if not, you can get the compaq update cd, the info in on the site, the same as the flash download.

  2. It seems to work without a problem on Pocket PC too. The only problem I have now is that I would have liked to have Pocket PC 2002, and its not possible to get ANYWHERE.

    BTW: I thought I had a problem when AvantGo suddenly started to only show the “Channel Manager”, it helped to do a sync and sync all the content.

  3. As you might have discovered, the Pocket PC 2002 update/upgrade is available in the US, but not in Europe. I have been in contact with the PDA store I use in Norway and they don’t have access to the update anymore. Jensa of Flahmagazine has contacted Compaq in Norway trying to get the update from them, but there is still nothing back from them.

    I can’t imagine why they didn’t make the download available from everywhere, not just the US. (It appears to me that you can actually buy the update if you are in the US).

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