More Flash MX on devices

Macromedia announced Flash MX support for the Toshiba Genio today.

John Dowdell writes about it on his blog and referes to the list at Macromedia of Supported Devices & Platforms

All this follows the announcement of the Pocket PC 2002 Flash MX player. But there is one thing that I can’t understand, the download or a link to the download of the Pocket PC 2002 Flash player can’t be found anywhere on Macromedia’s site. You would expect it to be found on the Macromedia Flash Player 5 for Pocket PC 2002 – Downloads page, but it is nowhere to be found there. Instead, you have to go to the Pocket PC part of Microsoft’s site where a link to the download is located at the right hand side of the page. What is truely amazing is that the link on the Microsoft site actually points back to Macromedia.

Which brings me to my big question: Why isn’t there at least a link to the Microsoft Pocket PC site – so that people can find the link to the Flash 5 Pocket PC player? It must be in the best interest for everyone to make the player easily available. Like it stands now, it almost seems like Macromedia is trying to hide the player for some reason.

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