Some interesting statistics

Since I just got the statistics for search on, I thought I would share the numbers with you all. Its interesting reading.

Using Atomz Search, the top phrases searched were:

1. – “fireworks mx”

2. – “fireworks mx crack”

3. – “decompiler”

4. – “fireworks crack”

5. – “crack”

Its kind of sad to see what people are looking for. It gets even worse when we look at the searches people used on various search engines to get to my site:

1. – dreamweaver mx crack matt

2. – fireworks mx crack matt

3. – fireworks mx crack

4. – dreamweaver mx crack

5. – how google works

6. – “dreamweaver mx”

7. – “how google works”

8. – “fireworks mx crack”

9. – fireworks mx cracks

10. – playstation 3

The searches are a little better than when the preview releases of the MX products was released, but its still pretty bad.

Warning: If you are looking for cracks, don’t send me requests for them – I will forward them to the legal department of the company that produce the product. That goes for requests sent as comments to this posting too. (Yes, I actually get those kind of requests frequently)

2 thoughts on “Some interesting statistics”

  1. If you’d like to send a special message to such visitors, then you can… try doing a Google search including “crack” to reach my blog, then click the link…. ;-)

    (Sometimes I think it would be fun to do a redirect on such paths to send them to a SWF which makes it look like their computer has been taken over, like that one that looks like it’s uninstalling Windows and installing the Mac OS, but I haven’t wanted to cause any heart attacks out there…)


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