The Snewp – a cool new news search engine

Snewp indexes about 6000 news sources every day, gathering news headlines from around the world. (To quote Snewp).

They are really updated, and have a lot of news available, the coolest part is that you can get results from news searches as RSS, making it possible to hook it directly into Radio, AmphetaDesk or any other RSS reader you might be using.

The only complaint I have is that they are a little too easy on which news sources they are using, IMHO. Just check out a search for Flash on Snewp

5 thoughts on “The Snewp – a cool new news search engine”

  1. Jarle,

    Snewp looks good, but I prefer, which I have been using for Flash related news searches for almost as long as has been online.

    Take the time to register, it is well worth the added features.


  2. I didn’t find what I was looking for, no news about Flahs there?! (Or do I need a course in how to use Moreover?)

  3. I have, and its one of the news feeds I poll with AmphetaDesk.

    If I could, I have a couple of requests:

    1) Make the RSS resultfeed of a search a little easier accessible for people without Radio, Headline Viewer or Fyuze Portal. Today its dead easy for these to integrate the results. I liked the straight link Snewp used to have for the RSS feed before.

    2) How about a “Google API” type API to Snewp? I would be incredibly cool to be able to add related stories with Snewp – I am not happy with the results that Google create – but it looks to me like Snewp would provide just what I am hoping for. Hmm… *g* On second thought.. Failing that, I guess the RSS feed would do…

  4. Well, Jarle, you get one wish. I have placed a straight link to the RSS feed alongside the other integration links.

    As for the API question, I have been far from impressed with Google’s API, but I am open to being convinced to do something similar for Snewp. Can you give me a little better idea what you are after?

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