Wired writes about Flash Blogs

This is nice, Farhad Manjoo at Wired has written an article about the Macromedian Bloggers

Flash: Blogging Goes Corporate

Macromedia calls this “the blog strategy,” and some see the company’s moves as the start of a trend. These days, it’s almost unfashionable for a self-respecting Webophile to not have his own blog; if Macromedia’s effort is any indication, soon a tech company that doesn’t embrace blogs may seem equally dated.

Branden Hall is quoted in the article, saying:

“Rather than try to make it feel like they’re astroturfing” — the practice of cooking up a grassroots campaign where none exists — “they say we work for Macromedia and this is stuff that we find interesting,” said Branden Hall, a programmer at Fig Leaf Software who has become a fan of the Macromedia blogs.

David Burrows’s Flash Blog is linked in the article as “others” ;-)

(And no, I am not gonna wine about not being linked in the article, saves me a lot of bandwidth lol).

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  1. Jarle,

    Flazoom.com didn’t get a link either, and its been around for nearly two years. Your concession prize for not being linked to is a link from my post about the article on Flazoom.com.


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