Blogs: Another Macromedian blogger

Sean Corfield, director of Architecture at Macromedia has joined the Macromedian bloggers with his An Architect’s View.

According to Branden Hall “This man is smart – and I mean really smart – he’s the director of architecture at Macromedia! He’s about, oh 2 billion steps out of my league” – which should put him somewhere out in the gallaxy compared to me ;-)

Sean has an article up at about Software design patterns for Macromedia Flash Remoting, which is an interesting article.

He also writes interesting stuff on his blog, most notably he has touched on all the people asking for ColdFusion MX on OSX, sounds like its possible to make it work, and that there are some descriptions on the way of how to do it. Hopefully it will make available all the functionallity of the CFMX server on OS X. Especially now that Apple has made available such a cool server platform. Personally I feel that Macromedia should make OSX one of their standard platforms for the ColdFusion MX server.

[Via Mike Chambers]

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