Flash JabberConf

Sean Voisen has released the Flash JabberConf.

Sean writes:

Flash JabberConf (FJC) is an API for Flash MX that I wrote. It should allow anyone familiar with MX and the new event model to quickly create chat and messaging applications in Flash.

FJC was written to allow communication with a Jabber server running the Jabber conferencing component (also known as group chat). It is essentially an “MX-erized,” light-weight version of JabberFlash with the necessary extensions that allow it to easily support conferencing and group chat.

FJC is available for download in zip format, and there is good documentation with the download. Sean is looking for feedback and suggestions for improvements. So when you have looked at the code, head on over to Sean’s weblog and leave your comments there!

4 thoughts on “Flash JabberConf”

  1. Hey Jarle, thanks for the post! I’m definitely looking for feedback, and I’m sure someone more familiar with object oriented actionscript could help me optimize the code.

    On a further note, since an IRC transport for Jabber does exist, I think I could tweak it to allow Flash clients to communicate with IRC.

  2. Indeed, the only jabber server implementation I was able to get (partially)working with the ‘built-in’ XML socket connectors is the Merlin server. Tipic Communication platform and JabberD didn’t respond to anything I sent. Hopefully this raw XML socket connector will solve that problem.

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