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This is mighty cool, a Google Weblog. Found it at “Everything burns“. On the Google blog I found some interesting information:

The Google Dance

Once a month Google calculates the pagerank of each page and changes the serp (search enigne result pages) for all keywords.

The Google Dance is the time between the start and the end of an update. In that time you get different results on, and Normally the Google Dance takes about 4 days.

I also found a link to a new ODP category for Google with lots of interesting links about Google.

Other interesting information include what Google conciders spam

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  1. Interesting – this article is ranked number 4 at google for the keyphrase “google blog”. That’s the way I came to this place.

  2. The Google Dance Tool site has been updated.

    As well as searching www, www2 and www3 visitors can now search

    on any of the following Google data centres www-ab, www-cw, www-dc,

    www-ex, www-fi, www-in, www-sj, www-va.

    With Google now rolling out indexes one data centre at a time these changes where needed for all the hard code Google fanatics out there.

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