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A weblog that has managed to keep below my radar for a while, it even looks like a Macromedian weblog – Greg Burch’s Burch Blog is an interesting read. If he keeps up with the kind of postings he has done today – then its going to become a great resouce.

[Via Mike Chambers]

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  1. Thanks for noticing the blog. I started it a couple months ago but got to busy to keep updated. But I have a new plan and weekdays it shouldn’t be hard to get 3 posts out there of interesting stuff. (I should customize the design a little bit this weekend or tonight)


  2. Looking forward to seeing that :-) As you can see, I took the short road with MT, just some tweaking from the default template. But there are some really impressive work with templates for the various weblog programs going on, no doubt about it. Still, I think that the most important thing is content – just look at Jon Udell’s weblog ( http://radio.weblogs.com/0100887/ ), he is using one of the default Radio templates – but that doesn’t make his weblog and insight any less interesting.

  3. I completely agree, I am doing small tweeks so when you come it will be a little easier to remember who’s weblog it is etc.

  4. on the right side.

    Burch Blog – by Gert Burch, a weblog with news related to Flash, ActionScript and PDAs

    Should be:

    by Greg Burch

    :) Gert just isn’t the same as Greg

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