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Found a new Flash blog today, its called Quasimondo. I haven’t gotten this confirmed yet, but the site seems to belong to Collin Croome


The Quasimondo blog is actually run by Mario Klingemann of Coma2.com. Thats how it goes when guessing :-)

There are some interesting projects on the site:

Flash Photoshop EPS Parser with the source code for those that want to try it. Its slow, but it works. Take note of how you have to save the EPS file from Photoshop..

And the follow-up project: dot-couture.com which is an interesting image manipulator made in Flash.

There seems to be in the works a project for steering behaviors, I quote:

Basically it is about rules that control the motion of groups or flocks of elements. By applying various rules you get some very interesting motion patterns. Of course this whole issue is very tempting to be transferred to flash. So that is what I’m trying at the moment.

This is a blog that I’ll have to keep updated on, it’s only been up for a couple of days, and its already filled with interesting projects. Hereby included in my Amphetadesk subscriptions :-)

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