Flash code: Phil Chung releases a little more

Got an e-mail from Phil today, where he told me that he has updated his Flash RSS Reader again. This time around its the very neat code to implement the mouse wheel scroller with Flash that has been added. The only problem with it is that it only works with IE 6.0.

Let me quote from his e-mail where he tells me about his Flash RSS Reader updates:

The most important is the implementation of the mouse scroll wheel control for the scrollbars in IE6. […] I’ve also written a quick tutorial on this topic from mucking about in the scrollPane and scrollBar components

FlashGuru has some interesting comments and links to information about the ScrollPane and ScrollBar components.

What I think is really cool here, is that Phil Chung (Flash RSS Reader), and Ming Chan (Multiblog Flash RSS Reader) now are working together with their Flash RSS readers. I am sure the co-operation will bring good fruits. :-)

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