Flash Show Streaming Bug

FlashGuru takes up the issue with the buggy Show Streaming feature in Flash MX.

The Show Streaming Option gives you information about loading speed on different bandwidths, with Flash MX you can now export your SWFs using GZLib compression, but the Show Streaming option doesn’t take that into concideration when showing you download times.

There are some interesting comments following the article.

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  1. We are a multisite, multi city academic institution. We have just recently loaded our new SIAST Libraries Web Site. Although the site loads normally at mostof our institutions at one it takes over 30 seconds and we don’t know why. Can you make any suggestions on how we can improve our loading speed. Is out site too big? I have no problems loading sites larger than ours. Our network people cannot seem to figure out the problem.

    Any suggestions for us?

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