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Flash Player “is a developers and enthusiast portal for viewer driven content” to quote the guys over at Flash Player. In many ways it seems like they are looking for the same kind of content that Shockwave.com provides, but focused soley on Flash. That means games, animations and music files all in Flash.

They already have some good content, and I am sure that the Flash community will provide them with even more great content to showcase. The site might not be Shockwave.com yet, but if they keep making it easy to provide content and have it showcased, it could become a much more democratic Flash entertainement site that any of the existing ones.

My only problem with the site was that I wasn’t allowed to vote for the excellent game I tried – they seem to be having some problems with their MS SQL server.

The site is run by Huw Reddick and Bill Kara.

[Via FlashGuru]

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  1. I believe that flash player is a very good site.Some of their animations are really funny and creative. (I know that sounds so corny but oh well!)

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