JGenerator 2.1 MX

Dmitry Skavish and his companions at JZox Inc is getting ready to release a new commercial version of JGenerator, the new Flash MX version of the Flash generator – JGenerator 2.1 MX will not be covered under the Apache Open Source License that JGenerator was covered by, and pricing of the new commercial Flash generator starts at US $125 for the developer edition, and maxes out at US $875 for the enterprise edition. With support agreements available from US $995 to US $1495 per year.

JGenerator MX is due to be released on the 8th of July and will fully support Macromedia Flash MX and it will be the only tool which supports server-side Flash MX components and generates Flash MX dynamic content, according to JZox.

The dynamic chart, list and tickers and XML support are previous strong sells for Macromedia Generator, with Macromedia Generator being phased out by Macromedia, JGenerator 2.1 MX should be an interesting solution for sites needing to be able to produce static Flash files with dynamic content.

NB: The open source and free JGenerator version 1.4 seems to still be available from the old website. So if you are looking for a general Java based Flash generator with support up to Flash 5 – and can live with the lack of chart support – then take a look at the old site.

[Via SwfNews]

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