The 5K award rating has begun

This year the 5K contest has gathered 366 contestants, and you are the judge of which one is the best.

This years contest opened the contest for Flash content, and there is a lot of neat Flash contest entries, all of which are 5 KB or less.

I haven’t had the time to look through all the contestants, but a couple that seems to get good ratings (out of the Flash content) are:

Animation Box – a drawing and animation tool made in Flash MX

Remote control tank battle – two player game

I got a good example of how DHTML/JavaScript content isn’t on par with Flash, when trying to play one of the top rated DHTML entries – Pixel Ninja, when playing the game in Internet Explorer 5.5 I kept getting killed without seeing any Ninjas, seems like a typical DHTML problem to me.

[Via Quasimondo]

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