Mapping visitors in Flash part III

Mario Klingemann is continuing his project with mapping his visitors in Flash MX, now he has added the location of the last 20 visitors, cool to be able to see where the previous visitors came from, and it shows off how powerfull Flash is as a frontend for these kind of applications.

BTW: Mario has promised that once he is done with the mapping system, he will release the source code :-)

(See the previous posting – “Find out where you are” for more details)

3 thoughts on “Mapping visitors in Flash part III”

  1. The sourcecode will be released for sure, I just don’t know if I can hand out the map itself. This thing was a hell lot of work to build and parts of it were created for one of our client’s sites, so I cannot promise that.

  2. Excellent… thanks for the link, and for the work! 8)

    (Hmm, but it’s slow to type on my Mac now… are you using a high framerate on there, claiming many cycles…?)


  3. I think the map is quite complex to render because it has got a lot of vectors. But I will check out if the framerate can be lowered.

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