Phil Chung is looking for Flash feeds for his Flash RSS reader

Just a heads up, if you have a Flash blog, and would like to be included in the channel list of the Flash RSS Reader soon to be released in a new and improved version, then you should go over to Philter’s Blog and let him know you exist. Be aware that his RSS reader currently requires your feed to be in the RSS 0.91 format.

2 thoughts on “Phil Chung is looking for Flash feeds for his Flash RSS reader”

  1. I think the flash rss reader is a perfect solution. But I hope this doesn’t mean there is going to be a list of hundreds of blogs, because when there is too much info and news it will be a day-task to read it.

    I hope you select only the really good blogs. This is just my thought. :)

  2. That is a good point dennie. That is why i’ve made some modifications to the rss reader in the way of being able to add current feeds to a favorites folder and also being able to add your own custom feeds. Please take a look in the next day or so to see the updates.

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