Shazam – name that tune

Shazam is THE killer-app for music lovers with mobile phones

This new mobile service lets you call in and it will listen to the music you are listening to for 20 seconds, and then send you back a SMS text-message telling you what song and artist you were listing to. It also allows you to log in and look at a list of all the tunes you have “tagged”.

Kind of reminds me of a Sony product that never took off, where you could tag songs on the radio, only Shazam seems to be a billion times better.

Doc Searls witnessed the amazement of some people who got the service demonstrated last week, while sitting on the pub.

Shazam is powered by “audio fingerprinting” and a database of 500.000 songs, a database they expect to triple by the end of the summer.

Only thing that sucks with this service is that it will only be available in the UK, at least initially. I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra to get access to the service from Norway.

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[Via Doc Searls]

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