The Future of Multimedia on Devices

In the June edition of Macromedia’s The Edge, Lauren Gibbons Paul writes about The Future of Multimedia on Devices.

Users are hungry for everything from location-enabled restaurant and movie reviews to games to short messaging services (SMS). Even streaming video and audio applications are making an appearance on the diminutive devices.

As always, content is king. People are looking for content – and preferably on the device of their choice. Something which the publishing houses seem to want to fight, in the same way they were fighting the video tape when it first was introduced, but I digress.

Phillip Torrone made me aware of the article, and he choose to quote the following from the article:

With Macromedia Flash, I think we’ll see history repeat itself and a new generation of rich, connected applications are about to hit

He mentions that it would be cool to get The Edge for PDAs, and I am right there with him. Take the time to let them know you want it too:

[email protected]

[Via Phillip Torrone]

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