Sorenson Squeeze the price

On Monday this week, Ammen Harper of Sorenson Media announced that Sorenson Squeeze will take a heavy price cut from USD $299 and end up at USD $119. The announcement was done in an interview with Scott Manning published at

I think the interview misses some interesting questions, such as if the price cut was done because of the previous lower price and expanding feature set of Wildform Flix – a competing Flash video product retailing for USD $149. And Scott also fails to ask Ammen about the ongoing trouble with Apple, and if that in any way may affect the Squeeze product.

I am not saying I think Ammen Harper would have answered those questions, but they should have been asked.

Another thing I noticed was Ammen’s comments on Flix:

As you know Flix has specialized in Vector Video, and has been doing this since 2000 for earlier versions of Flash.

I’ll choose to belive that Ammen doesn’t know his competitor well enough, and would recommend that he read up on the history of Flix. As far as I can remember, the vectorized video features of Flix was first introduced with Flix 2.0 (checking now – OK. Got it confirmed. Vectorized video was first implemented in Flix 2.0). And the program wasn’t released until January 2001. (The beta was obviously done before that, but I kind of doubt that is what Ammen was talking about)


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