Macromedia DevCon 2002

This years Macromedia DevCon has been titled “Architecting A New Internet Experience”, and looks to be one eventfull and amazing experience. If I had to choose only one conference to go to this year – Macromedia DevCon would be it. (Not that it looks like I will be able to attend, but one can always dream :-)

For 4 days there is going to be technical sessions, workshops, hands-on training, etc. And its all about Macromedia’s products, of course. In total there will be over 100 sessions.

The conference will be held at Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Lake, in Buena Vista, Florida. The location alone might be enough to sway you to go. But the sessions are the real deal maker for me, here are the topics covered:

What is worth noting is that the technical sessions include 60-minute workshops and 90-minute hands-on training sessions, so it looks like a conference with a high value factor. And it should be, registering for the conference is USD $895 until the 27th of August 2002, and USD $1050 after.

[Via Mike Chambers]

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