30 days to a more accessible weblog

Mark Pilgrim (dive into mark) is writing up a whole month of good tips on how to make your weblog more accessible.

Its really a usability exercise – and most of what he is talking about can easily apply to all other forms of web sites too.

I’ve already implemented a few of his tips. They are probably not obvious to the regular IE-browser-user but to others its hopefully of help. With weblogs most of us are already using template based systems – so taking the time to implement features that helps just a few procent of your visitors is fast and easy – and if you have a few visitors a year – that will quickly add up to at least a hundred persons that gets better access. I think its worth investing a couple of minutes for those people – don’t you?

BTW: I would love feedback to what I can do better here – let me know in the thread to this posting.

[Via Mario Klingemann]

1 thought on “30 days to a more accessible weblog”

  1. Jarle,

    In broad terms, there is not much more than you can be doing to make your blog a pleasure to read. I appreciate the issues you highlight, and your commentary is always thoughful. I think that reading your blog daily (and I do) has helped me to become a better blogger myself, and I hope Flazoom.com a better blog.


    note: the preceeding message was not paid for by Jarle, although, I hear his kidney is for sale. ;)

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