Cool site: Who’s We

This is probably the coolest Flash site I have seen in a looooooooooong while. (That is not saying little, with all the cool sites around right now)

Who’s We Design Studios has made a killer 3D Flash site. The only problem I see with the site is that at times is incredibly heavy (it sometimes loads like a snail on my DSL line)

[Via Eric Dolecki]

6 thoughts on “Cool site: Who’s We”

  1. Dave,

    “whos we” is under construction. I know because I’ve been there lately. The construction hat on the little ball gave it away. I hope they get back online. I agree with Eric. The site makes me sick. I’m currently learning flash and I am humbled to the nth degree. These guys are good, damnit.

  2. If you guys want to see a good flash site and great design go to Now there is some flash for ya!!!

  3. Whoswe did a overhaul and is now pretty plain, you can still view verson 1 here(without the cool intro)

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