Flash apps: FlashAssist Pro 1.25

This is a cool application for everyone making Pocket PC presentations. FlashAssist Pro allows you to make Flash presenations for the Pocket PC as full screen installable Pocket PC applications, with advanced features not available when using the regular Pocket Intenret Explorer to view Flash content. Using a simple wizard interface you can make Flash applications Pocket PC ready in 1-2-3.

Flash Assist Pro also includes a Flash XML server that allows you to store and retrive XML data to a Picket PC file using ActionScript, and adds ActionScript that allows you to control the Pocket PC input panel and system volume.

Plenty neat. To see the power of FlashAssist Pro, check out Ericd’s FlashForward2002NYC guide or Bill Perry’s (PocketPCFlash) Pocket PC Summit Guide (You will find many more fullscreen applications on Bill’s pages)

[Via Guy Watson]

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