Flazoom are having server problems

Chris MacGregor’s excelent site Flazoom has been off the web for since wednesday now. The site has not been shut down, but it seems that his hosting provider isn’t exactly living up to their name. (Valueweb). Sad to be without one of my favorite sites. If you feel like me, let them know.

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  1. Jarle,

    Thanks for posting this. It has been a frustrating last few days as I try to get Flazoom.com back online and updated. The hosting company I am using seems to tell me a different story every time that I talk to them. :(

    Flazoom.com will be back, but it may be Monday before all this gets sorted out.


  2. I am sorry that you are having problems, I am a bit anal when it comes to uptime – and I think I would have been down in Florida and teaching them a few new words by now if it was my site. I really hope you find a hosting provider that can provide a better service than “Valueweb”.

    This can’t be good publisity for them, if nothing else – they should have been able to put another machine up on that ip-address with information about what is going on.

  3. Josh,

    I may do just that. Flazoom.com is back up and serving pages again. I’ll try to cach up with news by Monday.


  4. Congratulations Chris, nice to see Flazoom up and running, would have loved to see the various bad excuses they had for not being able to get your site up and running again over the course of 4 days. I think the whole story is shocking, but the worst is that they are blaming you for the problems — what did they acctualy acuse you of?

    BTW: Talking about outages, Josh your site JoshDura.com isn’t reachable from Norway – and hasn’t been for the last two days. I can traceroute the site fine, but can’t access the pages – not sure what the reason is. From my american server I can access the pages fine :-( – Probably some weird proxy problems over there.

  5. I know, I will put on my “wild-guesses” hat, it seems like the were-here.com sever was upgraded to Apache 1.3.26 today ( http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/graph/?mode_u=off&mode_w=on&site=www.were-here.com ). It seems to me like they might have been taken down by a virus/hacker. There are huge holes in the Apache versions previous to 1.3.26.

    As I am doing hosting myself, I should be carefull about blasting others – but I think its sufficient to say that you usualy get what you pay for :-) And being a resource site today doesn’t really leave you a lot of money to throw at hosting – thereby leaving the sites with having to deal with less than ideal solutions.

  6. (Oct1-02) Jarle – i like the layout here—

    just wondering if anyone knows why flazoom is down today?


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