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Mike Chambers have done a commendable job updating everyone of us that couldn’t go to the FlashForward conference in NYC this summer (and documenting the great speeches and sessions for everyone that was lucky enough to be able to attend too), he put up a section of his blog for the blogging – and managed to post the following live bloggings during the 3 day conference (the first day was workshops/sessions)

Day 1:


Day 2:

(Day “1”)

Day 3:

(The last day)

Great job Mike! I don’t think I would have done so good at blogging in the dark and with everything going on. And thanks to whoever was responsible for getting a Wi-Fi hotspot set up at FlashForward!

BTW: I am still wondering where the next FlashForward will be held, anyone have any information for me? Will there be a FlashForward conference in Europe, if so – when and where?

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