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Mike Chambers have put up a nice little chat application on his weblog – lets just call it mesh on MX chat (look on the top of the page). Its based on Flash Communication Server components and the server itself (of course), with hosting from MediaTemple. I hope other hosting companies will be able to make deals resembling those that MT must have gotten (Yes, I am talking out of self interest here).

The chat showcases a weakness of the components (I think), at least the chat does not seem to multitask very well at the moment. There is a lag when trying to type everytime a message is coming in. I am sure Mike will be working on fixing that little problem.

4 thoughts on “Mesh on MX Chat”

  1. >The chat showcases some of the weaknesses of the components

    this seems to inidcate that you think they have some other weaknesses.

    would you care to elaborate?

    personally, i find them very powerful, allowing users to quickly add multi-user functionality to their apps.

    once you want to start adding / tweaking functionality, then you need to start learning some of the Flash Com API.

    mike chambers

    [email protected]

  2. I took the liberty of editing my posting, what I had written was not what I meant. The only weakness I have seen so far is that lag that I experienced on your blog. I promise I would have elaborated if I had seen any other weakness in the components.

  3. You talk about hosting Flash Com Stuff. I am looking into this. Currently we have Linux based servers and this requires NT/2k based. Not only that but 2k Advanced, which is NOT cheap.

    At this stage it looks like it’ll cost us around US$10 for software then we need machines.

    Personally I think this is well worth it, but do the punters? As for matching Media Temples Prices … oh that’s GONNA be hard … REAL hard, but we’ve done with the Linux side … we’ll try with the Flash Com stuff.

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