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Thought I would link to a couple of new articles posted at

David Vogeleer has written a nice follow-up tutorial on arrays: The Power of Arrays II – You can also read his first tutorial “The Power of Arrays – Array Fundamentals

Stephanie Reindel of Flash99good has written an article titled “We’ve Got Flash – The Ominous Wow Factor and Its Adverse Affect on Usability

As you might have discovered, hasn’t only been redesigned, it has also woke up from the sleep that it has been in more or less since the market crashed and the company that took care of most of the expenses of went bankrupt.

We are all starting to get on our feet again, but we don’t have the luxury of being able to spend the same amount of time that we once did on it, and that is part of the reason for switching from Flash to HTML as the presentation format for Now everything is being powered by a publishing system that actually has a Flash MX frontend, and there will be several different versions of Flashmagazine made available for various devices, there might even be a Flash version again sometime in the future. But until then, I hope you all will appreciate the new content that will be made available in the weeks to come. And that you all will be with us as we continue to develop Flashmagazine’s design and functionality.

BTW: Jens Christian Brynildsen is still the main editor of, and is also the guy who is responsible for getting v2 beta up and running, together with Gaute Fleisje that are working on the design. (He was also the designer for the first design version of

Thanks to Michael Gunn for making me realize that I should write a little about the new content that has been posted to :-)

4 thoughts on “New articles and tutorials at”

  1. Couldn’t find an email to send the corrections to but here you go:

    myArray = new Array();




    should be:

    myArray = new Array();





    He should note that push and unshift return the new lengths (this is valuable at times)

    And MOST important of all, how to copy arrays. Most people try to loop through all the elements instead of doing something like:

    copiedArr = myArr.concat();


  2. Greg, it’s funny you should mention that most people try to loop through all the elements of an array when trying to clone an array – it’s true! I was trying to figure out how to clone an array without the looping, until Guy Watson informed me that

    copiedArr = myArr.slice();

    would clone/copy it just fine (and, of course, .concat() works fine too).

    Sam Wan wrote a good article discussing the difference between referencing variables, and cloning variables at

  3. Thanks Greg, I have sent your comments over to the author, and I have fixed the spelling errors in the article :-) Nice that you to let us know :-)

  4. No problem, I like sounding smart by correcting little mistakes that only I would notice :) (Just Kidding) I just hate it when I over look little things like that in my articles so I figured they would feel the same.

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