Pick your Unix version of the Flash Communication Server

Mike Chambers writes about the questions about *nix versions of the Flash Communication Server MX

Currently, it is only available for Windows servers, but we will be releasing Unix versions later in the year.

Make sure to send which Unix flavor you prefer to the wish list. This will help us to prioritize the work.

So if you have a Unix flavor of choice you would like to see the Flash Communication Server released on, let Macromedia know. (And, just FYI – various distributions of Linux does not constitute various versoins of Unix ;-)

Personally I would like to see the Flash Communication Server made available for:

  • Linux (of course, since its my server OS of choice), besides you could probably make one kick-ass communication server if you put the Flash communication server on an IBM mainframe such as the IBM S/390
  • Solaris, because its a ‘legacy’ OS and a lot of people still swear by it
  • BSD – simply because Macromedia probably will have been doing most of the job already when they port the server to…
  • OS X – Apple’s Xserve and the BSD based OS really should be used for all it is worth. If Macromedia do not make the server available for OS X, they will be missing out badly, IMHO. Besides – a lot of *nix hackers are moving to OS X, so its a platform they should support if they want to have more interesting implementations of the server
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