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The german design/flash/web company derBauer has released a new version of their site, this time with a LOT of chrome. I think the interface looks slick, but either I am too dense to understand all of the navigation, or they actually have “dead links” in their Flash site. All in all its worth taking a look at, the slickness factor is high.

[Via valyard|ru]

6 thoughts on “Flash site: Chrome derBauer”

  1. Hmmm I’m gutted ….

    okay yeah it looks kinda cool … but I couldn’t find their trade mark HEAVY intro … it took forever to load (I’m on a 10Mbit connection here) and I don’t think it was worth it :( sniff sniff

    Your right too … many DEAD links … I’m putting it down to a WORK IN PROG ….

    Darn it … I was waiting for this to come back online to show my Flash students yet another aspect of Flash … hmmmm

  2. Then they should have removed the link to the content too. I think its important for a site not to have dead links spread around.

  3. I find it very cool, almost movie quality, but it can’t be flash only, they use an external program… I sure would like to know what…

    so if you think you know or you just know take a minute and share it with me…

    greets from belgium….

  4. They have used 5 or 6 different softwarz to do their website. Metacreations being th most popular one. exporting into a adobe file for vector formating. the rest of the effects believe it or not are done with alpha controled shadows. I have opened up this site front to back and further discussed with Bill and Shanda about their derbauer site and learned this. Also keep in mind that germany has their own better development software nd metacreations is more keene to the germans then any other coutry. Sucks but true. Look at there site closely you will see the metacreations typical signatures. Carrara being main sourse of work. bt bryse helped and ryno was another main infliunctial software

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