Video wars

Fellow Flashmagazine’er Jens Christian has taken the time between having a nice (rainy) norwegian vacation and writing books to write about what he calls the Video Wars. He boldly states that victory is in the numbers, and that when it comes to the video player wars on the net, Flash MX will be the winner.

Interesting to see the comments coming in from other Flashers, John Dowdell writes:

I suspect we’ll see people use Flash video in new ways, rather than just head-to-head in the old ways

Dave Burrows:

the big three (Apple, Microsoft and Real) have been battling it out for a while now with no clear winner but MX video support could put a cat among the pigeons. I’ve got all the plug-ins on my machine and I think that’s the way it’s going to stay….

Scott Manning ( (hmm, interesting – the article was removed from writes:

Flashmagazine has recently written a more in-depth article that says Flash MX and Squeeze will eliminate the need for QuickTime, Real, and Windows Media. With no mention of Flix, they give the advantage to Sorenson.

Personally I have to admit that what kind of players I use very often are dictated by the content I want to watch (and which format it is delivered in) and to which degree I trust the companies that provide them. Real are among the players that will never ever be updated again on my machine. (Can you guess why). To me it seems like whoever gets to deliver the most content will “win”.

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